Radha Green Roof Maintenance (Visit #2)

Posted on: July 26th, 2010 by Heather

Date of Visit: July 4th, 2010
Present: Heidi Lam
Time: 3:30pm
Weather: Sunny
Weather Condition: Recent Sun and Heat
Photos taken: Yes
Months since installation: 6 months

  • Sedum coverage is approximately 85%. Some bare spots have been observed.
  • Seams between sedum mats is no longer visible. Mats have merged together nicely.
  • Sedums have come out of dormancy and are in excellent health.
  • Very little mosses were found and removed.
  • No grass or weeds were found.
  • Flowers are in full bloom.
  • Some redness has been observed on the sedums. May indicate that sedum is under stress.
  • Some sedums are growing near the edges of the flagstone pavers. Some sedums may have been transported by rainwater run-offs or wind.
  • Habitat Eco Pod in great condition. Plants are out growing its existing pot. Soil needs to be replenished. No rooting into insulation.
  • Native Eco Pod in satisfactory condition. Soil needs to be replenished. No rooting into insulation.
  • Lots of bees have been observed.
  • Ballast rocks and flagstone pavers work well as weights and remain along the edges.

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