Green Month at Science World

Posted on: April 22nd, 2013 by Heather

This year, Vancity is the Presenting Sponsor of Green Month, at Science World, running from April 18 to May 17. The purpose of Green Month is to highlight sustainability efforts within our community and to promote Science World’s suite of exhibits and programs focused on this work. Green Month brings community partners together annually each April through a series of public programs and activities showcasing their work and commitment to sustainability activities throughout Vancouver.

As a member of the Vancity Community, this past Saturday, Projects in Place was excited to participate in the first ever Green Month partnership between Vancity and Science World. Projects in Place banks with Vancity and have helped design and build many of the same projects Vancity has funded, including the SOLEFood Urban Farm and Strathcona GreenZone Resource Park.

As part of Green Month’s festivities, Saturday morning Projects in Place had a display set up in the new Ken Spencer Science Park, and PIPs volunteers spread the word about what we do and our projects to families and kids who were visiting Science World for Vancity Member day.  We were excited to host our booth in the park, right beside the green roofs and gardens that we helped install and plant last year. At our booth, we also demo-ed a window-sill hydroponic unit, which some of our future garden designs may use.

In the afternoon, PIPs volunteers busily put the finishing touches on Science World’s aeroponic system we had build last year, planting 48 seedlings in vessels of expanded clay pellets and and testing out the system.

Many people were intrigued with the display and were hopefully inspired to try some hydroponic planting on their own.

Thank you to Science World and Vancity for inviting us!