Capilano University Community Garden – Green Roof

Posted on: April 23rd, 2013 by Heather

It  was truly a beautiful day as we installed the green roof on the tool shed that was built on April 13.

As part of the Earth Day celebrations and inauguration of the garden, we quietly installed the green roof methodically, attracting many onlookers and soliciting lots of interest.
What is a green roof? Will it damage the shed? What kind plants are those? Do you need to water it?
With the help of Dr. Karen Liu , Director of Research and Development for Xeroflor Canada, we installed the various components of the root barrier, water retention fleece, growing medium and pre-grown sedum mats – all part of a Xeroflor green lightweight green roof system.
Thank you to the team: Carlos Guerro, PIP Member at Large, Jeff Morrow (Marc Gauthier Homes), Dr. Karen Liu, Sasha Aguilera  Chris Lindeman for the install of the membrane.
Special thanks to Anthony Ferri for finishing the work on the shed in order for it to be ready for the install.
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