A New Community Garden For The Zajac Ranch

Posted on: August 3rd, 2009 by Heather

It may be a sweltering summer here in Vancouver, but we’ve been busy!

We spent last weekend up at the Zajac Ranch for Children in Mission. It’s an amazing camp facility for children with disabilities.

Projects In Place have been helping Zajac Ranch develop a sustainable site plan for the ranch. Features include an orchard, children’s garden, a western themed boardwalk and a native planting garden.

PIP donated (and helped install) agricultural planters behind their old greenhouse. The planters, were designed to provide children with disabilites the opportunity to access and learn about planting hands-on! Wheelchairs can easily access the planters  and kids can get right into learning how to grow healthy food in a sustainable way. We’ve used a special growing media, soil retention mat and filter fabric to allow the planters to function with a minimum amount of maintenance.

The day the planters were installed was special because a group of children from  the Downtown Eastside (Vancouver). A central focus of the retreat was to learn about the importance of diet and nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully, the opportunity to learn about where food comes from will help them make a connection between healthy eating and their environment.

0803 08-07-27 Zajack Ranch Master Plan