Building a Green Roof at Richmond’s Fruit Tree Project Sharing Farm!

Posted on: August 11th, 2010 by Heather

We will be assisting The Richmond Fruit Tree Sharing Project ( a registered non profit that connects volunteers with growing and harvesting fruit and vegetables for neighbours in need.  “Sharing Farm” farmers and volunteers  grow an astounding volume and diversity of vegetables at the 1.5 acre Sharing Farm, located on the City of Richmond’s Terra Nova Rural Farm Park.  This food is donated weekly to the Richmond Food Bank and other charitable organizations providing community meals, feeding hundreds of families with nourishing, local, organic food that might otherwise be inaccessible to them.

In 2009, the Sharing Farm raised funds for the construction of a Healing Garden, to create a community gathering place and to cultivate a diversity of medicinal, culinary, and ornamental plants.

Now the Sharing Farm is building a cob oven and green roof in the Healing Garden.  The oven and green roof will be a beautiful new centrepiece of the farm, and an educational demonstration of natural building and landscaping techniques.  They will be enjoyed by the many people who walk through the Terra Nova Rural Park’s public trails, garden in the adjacent community gardens, attend schoolyard farm classes in the adjacent “Schoolyards” gardens, or volunteer at the farm.

One exciting aspect of the oven and roof project is that we are salvaging local and historic materials such as bricks from canneries built in the 1800s along the neighbouring Fraser River, paving stones from along the dyke near Steveston, and reclaimed wood from Steveston wharfs and the farm site.

Green Roof Project Info:

The Sharing Farm’s Green Roof will provide shelter for the cob oven, and is being constructed using a post & beam system.  The design has been drafted and Projects In Place is assisting us in this process – we need to have it stamped by a structural engineer, then approved by the City of Richmond, who owns the Terra Nova Rural Farm Park where the Sharing Farm is located.

The green roof build date is tentatively set for Sat-Sun Sept 25-26.

The Cob Oven is being built as part of a 3-day workshop with the Mudgirls ( Fri-Sun August 13-15.  To participate or for more info, please contact Arzeena Hamir at

We are currently seeking a structural engineer to review and sign off on our roof drawings, as well as donations of materials for the roof: lumber, skylights, saddle anchors, bolts, green roof components (membrane, drain mat, root barrier), concrete (for the footings), soil, etc.

This is a shoestring budget project, and we are relying on the generosity and skills of our extended community.  All supporters will be well-fed at a cob-oven fired pizza party under the new green roof!

Stay tuned for updates!

For more info or to offer support, please contact Kimi Hendess at, or 604.565.9139

For info about the Richmond Fruit Tree Sharing Project Farm, check