Chilliwack General Hospital, Spring 2011 Visit #2

Posted on: June 27th, 2011 by Heather

Date of Visit: June, 11 2011
Present: Christopher Campbell, Edwin Guerra and Nicole Janssen
Weather: Overcast with slight rain sprinkles
Weather Condition: Partially overcast
Photos taken: Yes
Months since installation: 1 year

1. Observations


The overall average vegetation coverage was about 90% although there was variability with a few spots having notably more moss than sedum. Moss appeared to be drying out and sedum was beginning to grow in it. The green roof was predominantly reddish in colour and has a healthy mix of sedum and moss species. Three types of weeds, in early stage of development were found.

Non-Vegetated Border

Moderate overgrowth of sedums were found in the rock ballast border edge.


Some overgrown sedums were expanding into the rock ballast border around the drain.


The vegetation mat and the water retention fleece were mostly moist, with a few dry spots and bare patches.

  • S. sexangulare, S. acre and S. album were the pre-dominant species
  • S. album observed were red
  • Some sedum was observed to be flowering
  • Some small bare spots remain
  • No exposed polymer coils were observed
  • Small sedums were sprouting in the growing medium in the spots dominated by moss

2. Actions Taken:

  • Cleared debris
  • Applied growing medium on bare spots
  • Removed all weeds by hand
  • Cleared overgrown vegetation around roof drains
  • Cleared overgrown vegetation in the non-vegetated border
  • Collected sedum cuttings from overgrown areas and scattered on the bare areas
  • Watered and applied slow release fertilizer

3. Action Recommendations:

Verify sedum growth on dry patches as moss dries during summer.

4. Next maintenance visits:

To be determined by client.

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