Belmont residential green roof, Spring 2011 Visit #1

Posted on: June 28th, 2011 by Heather

Date of Visit: June, 14, 2011
Present: Christopher Campbell, Karen Wan-Gauthier
Weather: Slightly overcast with sunny breaks
Photos taken: Yes
Months since installation: 1 year

1. Observations


Sparse, very little new sedum growth. Lots of small bare areas, vegetation mat not spongey. Roof was quite overgrown with grass, grass seems to like to grow where sedums are.  The heaviest sedum grew thickest at corners, where water drains off.
This roof needed some attention and required 1 bag of growing medium, as well, transplanted cuttings taken from border overgrowth and added these to the bare patches. Observed that this site has no overhead coverage. Weeds possibly coming in from birds or wind. Growing medium may be blowing away when wind picks up.
In brief:

  • S. sexangulare, S. acre and S. album were the pre-dominant species
  • S. album observed were red-green
  • Some sedum was observed to be flowering
  • Many small grasses with long roots
  • Many bare spots
  • Some exposed polymer coils were observed

Non-Vegetated Border

Slight overgrowth of sedums were found in the rock ballast border edge.

2. Actions Taken:

  • Cleared debris
  • Removed all weeds/grass by hand
  • Cleared overgrown vegetation in the non-vegetated border
  • Collected sedum cuttings from overgrown areas and scattered on bare areas
  • Applied new growing medium to affected areas
  • Watered and applied slow release fertilizer

3. Action Recommendations:

Verify sedum growth on dry patches. During the summer hot periods watering once or twice a week is highly recommended. Regular yearly maintenance schedule of 2 to 4 visits.

4. Next maintenance visits:

To be determined by client.

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