Parker residential green roof, Spring 2011 Visit #1

Posted on: June 28th, 2011 by Heather

Date of Visit: June, 14, 2011
Present: Christopher Campbell, Karen Wan-Gauthier
Weather: Slightly overcast with sunny breaks
Photos taken: Yes
Months since installation: 1 year

1. Observations


Very good overall vegetation coverage of predominantly reddish seedum; very spongy and thick with nice root structure. There were lots of maple seedlings taking root (see pictures above), some with a very long tap root. Very little grass weeds were observed. Because this roof is sloped there was a little more concentrated growth in the down-slope corners and less new growth in the center. Overall observation is that the roof is very healthy with nice shade cover and afternoon sun.

In brief:

  • S. sexangulare, S. acre and S. album were the pre-dominant species
  • S. album observed were red-green
  • Some sedum was observed to be flowering
  • Some small bare spots remain
  • No exposed polymer coils were observed

Non-Vegetated Border

Slight overgrowth of sedums were found in the rock ballast border edge.

2. Actions Taken:

  • Cleared debris
  • Removed all weeds by hand
  • Cleared overgrown vegetation in the non-vegetated border
  • Collected sedum cuttings from overgrown areas and scattered on the bare areas
  • Watered and applied slow release fertilizer

3. Action Recommendations:

Verify sedum growth on dry patches. During the summer hot periods watering once or twice a week is recommended. Regular yearly maintenance schedule of 2 to 4 visits.

4. Next maintenance visits:

To be determined by client.

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