Posted on: August 29th, 2012 by Heather

A note from Tasha at Pacific Housing Co-Op, below and some photos.

Thanks very one for all your help.

Subject: wonderful!!!

It looks great! Totally great. The kids were playing with it this afternoon, of course. When it started raining, they put umbrellas up on the posts and kept playing. A neighbour has a picture of it, and I will forward it soon.

Ted has offered to go get more bolt covers/toilet caps. Jane, I will forward him the info you gave me. They count that we need ~ 25 more. You told someone you went to three stores, but we only found two bags. Was there another bag of covers hidden somewhere? Which stores did you go to, so that Ted knows which ones have been emptied out.

We caulked the bolts and the tops today. They are done. Somewhat messy, but done. We have plans to tidy them up.

My neighbour Johanna is an artist. She is VERY VERY excited to paint the pond and stream. I need to get her some paint, which I will talk to CBR about, as well as getting some more of the orange to do the second coat on the sticks.

It is totally wonderful.


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