Apiary Update

Posted on: August 21st, 2014 by Admin

Since 2012, Projects in Place has been keeping apiaries in an effort to strengthen bee populations, advance urban food security, and in turn foster a sense of connection between agriculture, food production and our daily lives. We also jar and sell a modest amount of honey to help with our fundraising.

On a hot Wednesday afternoon in July, we checked up on two of our hives. Beekeeper Garrett and his partner Emily have been keeping a watchful eye over the health and productivity of the hives which they check on weekly during the summer and less frequently in the winter months.

Here’s a tiny glimpse into the wonderful world of bees.

Check Up

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Part of the weekly hive checkup is finding and assessing the health of the queen bee. We have “tattoo-ed” her with green paint to make her more visible. Our resident bee expert, Garrett, will track how many larvae the queen has laid since last week to ensure that the queen is not sick and that the hive overall is in good health.

Interested in getting involved with beekeeping through PIPS?  Contact us if you’re interested in letting us keep bees in your backyard or if you’d like to volunteer. Send us an email at info@projectsinplace.org or sign up to stay informed of future projects here.