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PIPS is looking for Project Designers and Coordinators

Posted on: April 23rd, 2016 by Alex

Project Designers and Coordinators Wanted

Projects in Place Society (PIPS) is looking for enthusiastic Project Designers and Coordinators to help design, manage and lead our volunteer build events in 2016 and beyond. We are looking for positive, energetic, practical, and open-minded people who are able to work both independently and collaboratively as projects dictate.  These roles will be filled by people interested in doing contract work and looking for a unique way to supplement their income through a stipend. Our current projects are mostly in the area of landscape design, but we are looking for people with a variety of backgrounds.

For the complete posting, including requirements and abilities for each role, please click here: PIPS Designer & Coordinator Posting

These positions will be flexible, contract-based positions on an on-going, as-needed basis. The amount of hours worked will be variable, and these roles are both eligible for PIPS Project stipends, which range depending on project complexity. These positions will report to the PIPS Board and PIPS Project Clients.

TO APPLY – Please send your CV along with1-page Expression of Interest by email to

DEADLINE – We will be looking to fill a number of positions over the next few months, but the first ones will be filled by the end of April. Apply today!