Our Story

Projects in Place is a volunteer-run non-profit society that brings design and construction professionals together with the general public to implement projects that benefit their community.

What We Do

Projects in Place offers design, project management and build event coordination services to communities in Vancouver.

We partner with communities and organizations who would otherwise not have access to design and construction services, and help make their projects a reality.  In doing so, we enable these communities to become the driving force behind their own projects.  Further, young, local designers have a chance to showcase their skills while volunteers of all sorts get an opportunity to learn valuable construction skills.

Why We Do it

Projects in Place truly believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to make their community a better place.  We know that Vancouver is full of potential and are excited to have a hand in improving space, educating the public and striving for sustainability.

Who We Are

We are a multi-disciplinary group of volunteers whose skills include design, planning, ecology, engineering, construction and more.  We believe our diversity of skills really sets us apart and enable us to take on any project.

Board Members

  • Bryce Gauthier
  • Heather Stuart
  • Alex Taylor
  • Karen Wan-Gauthier
  • Imelda Nurwisah
  • Anna Wex