Location: Vancouver
Partners: Sharp & Diamond Inc
Completion: September 2013

Motivated by our experience with the PARKit competition in Surrey, where we were achieved second place, Projects in Place teamed with Landscape Architecture firm Sharp & Diamond Inc. and got into another adventure - PLAYscapes, an international design competition set up by Building Trust International. The competition called for “professional and student architects and designers from cities around the world to propose ideas which encouraged public interaction and turned redundant city spaces into fun creative places.”

The team agreed with the idea that one of Vancouver’s main issues is social isolation and saw this contest as a great opportunity to encourage social interaction through play: “Vancouver’s success in forging connections and social interactions, creating resilient communities, will rely on its ability to bring people together in an all-inclusive, fun, and dynamic nature.”

The framework for the proposal were a variety of spaces throughout Vancouver and the goal was to encourage a higher level of sociability in each of these spaces in hopes that the sum of the interactions that occurred resulted in a more socially dynamic city. These easily identifiable places, or game stations, provided the user with a variety of play options - all designed to bring people together in some form of social interaction through play or fun. Each activity promoted a unique way to interact or experience the selected site.

Participants moved within the game sites, having fun while interacting with sites and people, which helped them feel more comfortable and reduce the perceived barriers to make connections. The game allowed people to gain experiences and create relationships that helped forge a sense of pride, care, and vibrancy within the city.

Projects in Place feels very proud once again for the work done by all the team members. Even though we did not win, we are very pleased with the proposal, as a main social issue has been addressed and social interaction was encouraged through entertainment. It is always very valuable to better know the place we call home and think of ways to make it an even better place to live.

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"The organizers and crew of Projects in Place have the knowledge and dedication to make beautiful transformations to support healthy living. They will inspire you with their knowledge as to "why we should have green spaces" and the right plants for you."

Ligia Celleri, Registered Early Childhood Educator - YWCA